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HR Trends features interviews with leading experts in the field of Human Resources. Hosted by Clare Morin, HR Trends draws from the deep bench of subject matter experts at Unum as well as industry partners and national HR thought leaders.

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Recent episodes

Episode 20 image

Ep. 20: How employers can support employee mental health this fall

September 24, 2020

A new survey shows that with the ongoing pandemic and complexities caused by school closures this fall, employers are expecting a rise in mental health challenges for their employees.

Podcast Episode 19

Ep. 19: The uncertain future of FFCRA

August 18, 2020

Two national employment law experts, Jeff Nowak and Ellen McCann, discuss the NY federal court’s decision and its implications for the future of FFCRA leave – and employers.

Podcast Episode 18

Ep. 18: Virtual enrollment in a COVID-19 environment

In this episode, benefits experts Shawn Ferguson and Richard Shaffer provide insights for employers starting or expanding virtual-enrollment capabilities.
Podcast Episode 17

Ep. 17: How the pandemic is reshaping employee benefits

July 21, 2020

Thought leaders Sharlyn Lauby, Rob Hecker and Ellen McCann discuss the findings of a recent employer survey, which show how the pandemic is fundamentally reshaping the workplace and employee benefits.

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