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Unum partners with your employer to help protect you and your family when life takes an unexpected turn. From the joys of new family members to your most challenging times, we're here to support you with benefits that fit every stage of life. 

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Want to learn more about the Unum benefits you're being offered at work? You've come to the right place. Whether it's Disability and Accident Insurance to help patch up life's rough spots, Life Insurance to provide for your loved ones or Dental and Vision Insurance for ongoing care, we're here to help you protect what's most important.

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How coverage works

What you need to know about your Unum employee benefits

Protect your lifestyle when you can't work

Disability insurance can help replace your income

When you get sick or injured and can't work, your paycheck might stop, but your bills definitely won't. Disability insurance can pay a portion of your regular income while you recover, so you can pay your mortgage, car loan, utilities and more. Your specific policy determines how much your payments will be, how long you can receive them and what types of illness and injury are covered.

Medical insurance may not be enough

Supplemental insurance can help fill in the gaps

Supplemental insurance — Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital coverage — helps pay for things that medical insurance doesn't. Benefits are paid directly to you, so you can use the money however you like — whether you need it to pay co-pays and deductibles or to take care of household expenses while you're focusing on recovery. Plus, many Unum policies are portable, so you might be able to continue your coverage if you change jobs.

Get rewarded for healthy habits

Take advantage of Unum wellness benefits

Regular wellness screenings and exams appropriate to your stage of life are an important part of staying healthy and catching problems early. You could receive a direct payment when you visit a physician for a covered screening or exam. If you have a Unum plan, you may qualify for this wellness benefit. See your HR representative for details. Wellness benefits are not available in all states.


Commonly asked questions about Unum benefits

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