Support care-related challenges with Unum Care Hub

Combining best-in-class care services with an integrated and engaging experience, Unum Care Hub makes it easy for employers to support a wide range of needs and connects employees to expert services when they need them most.

56% of adult U.S. workers are caregivers, which is more than 90 million people.1

A nation of caregivers

It’s a growing and impactful problem. In fact, employers state that the number one reason behind employee mental health issues (and a primary driver of absenteeism) is increased caregiving responsibilities, including

  • Eldercare
  • Caring for a loved one
  • Childcare

Employers and employees face real hurdles when it comes to addressing care-related challenges

Demands placed on individuals who provide care negatively impacts productivity2
Many caregiver needs are unmet due to a benefits market that lacks specialized support3
Low utilization of care benefits as HR faces obstacles driving awareness4
Lack of clarity on effectiveness makes it hard to gauge if employee needs are being met4

Unum Care Hub

A digital platform connecting employees to the support they need for care-related challenges.

Personalized Self-Care

Convenient digital tools that support caregiver well-being
  • Find support fast with interactive intake
  • Manage stress and well-being through self-guided programs
  • Stay connected with 24/7 access to articles, videos and other support materials

Curated Care Solutions

Best-in-class care services delivered through a network of industry-leading partners
  • Enables caregiver to handle care-related responsibilities and provide expert care for loved ones
  • Solutions that range from fully digital tools to human-touch, coach-based support
  • Easily mobilize family, friends and localized caregiving services
  • Access to specialized neurodiversity support

Engage your workforce

Help employees get the support they need
  • Connect to Unum Total Leave and Unum Leave Logic for a streamlined, user-friendly experience
  • Drive awareness and adoption with targeted, just-in-time communication strategies and toolkits
  • Amplify the use of your existing benefits by customizing Unum Care Hub to highlight the most relevant services

Measure your impact

Boost your workforce’s wellbeing and productivity
  • Gain a recruiting and retaining advantage by offering benefits that meet employee needs
  • Help HR succeed while reducing administrative burden
  • Access data and insights that provide visibility into utilization and impact

Ready to enhance the well-being and productivity of your workforce?

Commonly asked questions about Unum Care Hub

1 BCG, Solving the $290 Billion Care Crisis, November 15, 2022.
2 RCI, Working While Caring: A National Survey of Caregiver Stress in the U.S. Workforce, September 28, 2021.
3 SHRM, Caregiving Benefits Can Support Workers, January 7, 2022.
4 RCI, Invisible Overtime: What Employers Need to Know About Caregivers, March, 2022.

Unum intends that the Unum Care Hub solution be offered as an EAP-excepted benefit. Whether the solution is an EAP-excepted benefit will depend on how the Unum Care Hub solution fits within the benefit plans offered by the implementing plan sponsor. Plan sponsors remain responsible for compliance with applicable group health plan laws. We encourage plan sponsors to consult with their legal counsel about the implications of offering the Unum Care Hub solution alongside the other benefit plans they are sponsoring.

Unum Group and its insuring entities (“Unum”) do not provide medical care and cannot guarantee clinical outcomes. Any treatment provided in connection with Unum Care Hub is provided by licensed practitioners affiliated with a third-party partner with whom Unum Group contracts. Individuals should always seek the advice of their physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions they have regarding a medical condition.