Unum Care Hub

A suite of solutions that allows employers to care for their employees through the life moments that often surround leave and disability — delivering better outcomes for a healthier, happier, more productive workforce

Support your employees with proven methods of care

Our solution

As an always-on platform, Unum Care Hub offers best-in-class resources to support employees when it matters most and can be accessed through the Unum leave and disability experience.

Whether employees are taking a leave, embarking on a journey toward mental health and physical wellbeing, welcoming a new baby, caring for a loved one or simply could use some support through life’s challenges, Unum Care Hub is ready with a wide selection of curated services, tools and educational resources.

Unum Behavioral Health

Provides personalized mental health support for your employees

Support includes both self-guided and provider-led options.

  • Personalized support pathways that meet employees wherever they are on the mental health spectrum
  • Immediate access to therapist support, compared to weeks-long wait times with other programs
  • Communication and training to combat stigma and make treatment proactively available
  • Digital resources and tools to help better manage wellness and root causes of mental health challenges


Helps working caregivers support themselves and their loved ones

Support includes coach-led adult and eldercare, childcare and pediatric support and disability and neurodiversity care.

  • Dedicated, digital and live professional support options to best address the unique needs of the employee
  • Easy coordination of localized care and resources to support employees when they need it most, including access to a paid caregiver network
  • Expert resources and programs that educate employees on how to best care for their loved ones
  • Robust digital content that enables employees to effectively manage their own wellbeing as a caregiver

Maternal support

Provides specialized support for your employees throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journeys

  • Personalized exercise plans, along with physical therapy support,  that specialize in core and pelvic floor that support a pregnancy and aim to prevent and address common post-partum issues
  • Lactation support from board-certified lactation consultants that provide immediate support and enable employees to meet their unique goals
  • Access to a location-enabled digital tool that locates parent-approved places to nurse and pump, whether employees are at work or on-the-go
  • Access to a community for ongoing support from peers and educational resources

Digestive health

Delivers support that helps employees navigate day-to-day nutrition and dietary needs

  • Accessible nutritional and dietary information that helps employees make informed decisions
  • Digital resources that provide education on nutritional labels and ingredients of everyday products and foods

Chronic pain management

Provides support for employees with chronic pain

  • Clinically validated exercises and educational resources that aid managing pain
  • Digital progress tracker and symptom monitor

24/7 resources for employees

As an independent, always-on platform, Unum Care Hub delivers a collection of benefits and resources to support employees and their loved ones wherever they are in their life journeys.
  • Easy access to proven solutions and a robust library of content that spans key absence drivers
  • Configurable employer benefits page, making it readily accessible to employees
  • Communication strategies that drive awareness and adoption of our solutions

Ready to enhance the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce?

Unum intends that the Unum Care Hub solution be offered as an EAP-excepted benefit. Whether the solution is an EAP-excepted benefit will depend on how the Unum Care Hub solution fits within the benefit plans offered by the implementing plan sponsor. Plan sponsors remain responsible for compliance with applicable group health plan laws. We encourage plan sponsors to consult with their legal counsel about the implications of offering the Unum Care Hub solution alongside the other benefit plans they are sponsoring. Unum Group and its insuring entities (“Unum”) do not provide medical care and cannot guarantee clinical outcomes. Any treatment provided in connection with Unum Care Hub is provided by licensed practitioners affiliated with a third-party partner with whom Unum Group contracts. Individuals should always seek the advice of their physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions they have regarding a medical condition.