Broker relationships and compensation

Unum supports benefit consultants

Brokers and consultants play an important part in the success of your benefits strategy. To recognize these professionals for their efforts, Unum supports them with a variety of resources and compensation programs.

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Brokers and consultants play a valuable role

You likely partner with a broker or consultant who, along with your benefits provider, can help you develop a plan that fits your business and employee compensation goals. These highly trained experts are your go-to resource for selecting the coverage that's right for you company.

Unum understands how beneficial their expertise can be for your business. As such, we actively partner with brokers and consultants to deliver the most effective benefit solutions to our customers and their employees.

Unum broker compensation programs

We believe it's important for you to understand how brokers are compensated for the work they do on behalf of your organization, and we encourage disclosure of this information so you can make an informed purchase decision.

The qualifications for each compensation program vary by benefit. Your broker can share this information with you.

Our compensation and disclosure policy

As a customer, you have a few responsibilities to help us ensure these compensation programs continue to run smoothly:

  • Brokers may be eligible to receive Base Commissions as well as Supplemental Commissions from Unum.
  • Unum provides Base Commissions to all brokers in connection with the sale of an insurance policy. Base Commissions are a fixed percentage of the policy premium and may include a one-time, first-year, flat amount for each policy sold. Base Commissions are paid by Unum to the broker(s) on your policy. In some circumstance, broker(s) may be eligible to receive commissions on your policy even after a broker of change has occurred.
  • A broker may also qualify for Supplemental Commissions paid by Unum. For group insurance products, Supplemental Commissions may be paid as a fixed percentage of total eligible group insurance premiums. The Supplemental Commission rate depends on the total dollar amount of all eligible premiums or number of group policies that the broker had inforce with Unum in the prior calendar year.
  • Supplemental Commissions may be calculated differently for other insurance products. The premium you pay is not impacted whether or not your broker receives Supplemental Commissions.
  • Notify Unum, in writing, of changes to the broker of record on your policy or policies.
  • Unless you direct us otherwise, all insurance policies on which we pay base commissions are also eligible for consideration under other compensation programs.
  • For group insurance policies where we don't pay base commissions, brokers are eligible for consideration under other compensation programs only if you consent. Either way, your premium will not be affected.
  • Group customers will receive a broker compensation disclosure statement with their initial policy documents and annually after that.

Have a question about broker compensation?

We encourage you to speak with your broker about our compensation programs. Or if you'd like to speak to us directly about broker compensation, we have experienced service specialists available to help.

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