Benefits education and enrollment

Help your employees get the most out of their benefits. Effective employee education is the smart way to help ensure your employees are taking care of their health and their finances. Unum gives your employees the materials they need to make informed decisions, plus an enrollment solution that fits your company’s needs.

We help you inform and protect your valued team

What's included

Get helpful resources that make it easy for employees to evaluate their needs, understand how their benefits work, and make smart decisions for themselves and their families.

To keep your employees in the know, we’ve developed a broad range of communication and education tools. Our clear, easy-to-understand materials are designed for different learning styles and include:

  • Employee education flyers
  • Posters
  • Postcards and payroll stuffers
  • Informational videos
  • Emails and landing pages
  • Online interactive tools and worksheets

Enrollment that’s optimized for your workplace

To help you create the best enrollment experience, we first take the time to understand your benefit goals and challenges. From there, our advisors will be able to recommend a delivery method to encourage your employees to get valuable financial protection.

When the delivery strategy includes a third-party enrollment firm, we work with trusted regional and national partners, which is important if you have employees in multiple locations. Thanks to an array of face-to-face, call center and self-serve online enrollment options, we can accommodate any workplace. It’s our way of ensuring your employee education and implementation efforts run smoothly.

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