Humans at work: Solutions for attracting, protecting and retaining today's employee

June 17, 2022

Attracting, retaining and protecting great workers is no longer just a matter of offering health and retirement benefits. In this evolving world of work, employers have to provide solutions that address the totality of employees' lives. Polly Nicholas, Senior Vice President and Head of Solutions for Unum Group, leads a panel of experts in a roundtable discussion on how innovative tools for leave management, behavioral health, benefits integration and more can help employers keep workers happy and productive, while reducing the burden on HR and lifting the organization to greater success.

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Solutions for employers and plan administrators

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Polly Nicholas headshot

Polly Nicholas

Senior Vice President and Head of Solutions — Unum Group

Polly Nicholas is the Senior Vice President and Head of Solutions at Unum Group. With more than 20 years of experience driving growth and operational improvement and a passion for connecting people, purpose and results, Polly leads Unum's rapidly expanding solutions businesses, attracting new clients and expanding the support provided through a suite of technology-first solutions including Unum Total Leave, Unum Behavioral Health and Unum HR Connect. Prior to Unum, Polly held leadership roles at global firms Alight Solutions and Aon Hewitt.

Swapnil Prabha headshot

Swapnil Prabha

Vice President, Workforce Wellness Solutions — Unum Group

A thought leader in the insurance industry, Swapnil Prabha's work is helping to shape the digital future of employee benefits. She has helped to develop solutions such as Unum Behavioral Health, which addresses the full continuum of mental health for employees from baseline measurement to a complete range of easily accessible resources and therapeutic interventions. She also leads strategic direction and capability priorities for Unum Leave Logic — an industry-leading leave education and planning SaaS solution.

Shaun LaJeunesse headshot

Shaun LaJeunesse

Vice President, HR Connect Integrations — Unum Group

Shaun LaJeunesse drives the strategic vision for new enhancements and expansion of Unum's HR Connect portfolio, guiding investments that improve user experience and operational execution. In this role, Shaun interacts with customers and field sales to understand where Unum can help apply technology solutions to solve HR's greatest pain points and inefficiencies. Prior to joining Unum, Shaun was an Associate Partner at IBM Global Business Services where he was responsible for aligning technology strategy for IBM's Global Talent and Transformation consulting and outsourcing practice.

Ellen McCann headshot

Ellen McCann

Assistant Vice President, Leave Solutions, Unum Group

Ellen McCann serves as a leading expert in applying benefits and benefits technology to power modern solutions to more effective employee leave programs, stronger regulatory compliance and enhanced digital HR transformation. In this role, she combines more than 30 years of employment law experience with practical knowledge of the complexities of leave and accommodation management to help develop and create solutions that enable employers to address the challenges of leave and accommodations. She is an acclaimed national speaker on leave management issues including FMLA and ADA, and is a certified trainer for SHRM and CE credit.

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