2020 Enrollment Guide Cover

The Employee Guide for Benefits Enrollment

An overview of common workplace benefits to help you better understand and evaluate your needs

Choosing your benefits is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make for you and your family over the course of the year. With this year’s global pandemic, it’s especially important to evaluate and understand what insurance benefits you need to protect your finances, family, and future. 

This guide can help employees navigate through the maze of options with confidence. While not every company will offer all these benefits, overviews of each will help inform you of what’s available and how to evaluate what you need.

2020 Enrollment Guide
In this guide, you’ll find:
  • Clear definitions of common employee benefits.
  • Tips for evaluating which benefits you may need depending on your unique situation.
  • Information on who typically pays for these benefits—you, your employer, or a combination.