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Harnessing employee engagement to support mental health

Employee mental health has worsened significantly, as the pandemic has placed new stresses on an already hyper-productive workforce. However, one unexpected silver lining is that employee engagement has skyrocketed. Is there a way to harness this engagement to help employees get the mental health support they need?

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Small Business Benefit Trends 2021 Report
Our December 2020 survey of more than 300 small businesses across the U.S. confirmed that the pandemic has hit many of them hard.
Unum Leave and Claim Trends Report
This monthly report, first released in May 2020, shows volumes and the proportion of COVID-19-related claims, helping employers, consultants and brokers understand trends and benchmarks.
Why employers expect a mental health crisis this fall
Our latest survey reveals how employers across the U.S. are planning amid continued school disruptions, rising mental health concerns and a critically important benefits enrollment season.
How the pandemic has revolutionized benefits — and the workplace
The 400+ employers we surveyed in early June revealed that big changes are coming for benefits, enrollment and the workplace.
How companies have responded to the COVID-19 crisis
Our April 2020 report took a pulse of the impacts on benefit planning as the United States first began to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic.