Unum Behavioral Health

Help keep your employees healthy and productive

Today’s employees need mental health support like never before. Unum Behavioral Health makes it easy for you to address one of your most important workforce health priorities, with a proven solution that helps your team stay at the top of their game.

Simplify a complex challenge

Unum Behavioral Health is a comprehensive solution for your workforce that addresses the full continuum of mental health. From baseline measurement to a complete range of easily accessible resources and therapeutic interventions, our program is designed to create real results for you and your people.
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Solving the mental health crisis at work
Employers must respond to the growing employee mental health crisis with broad-based early intervention programs.
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How Unum Behavioral Health is different
Trusted providers go beyond offering assistance to creating real, provable impact.
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How the program works
Employees engage with personalized treatment pathways, while employers get full visibility into ROI.
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