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Unum Behavioral Health

How we help

When it comes to mental health, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. That's why Unum Behavioral Health helps employees find the support that fits their individual needs. This can mean being directed to the program's flexible support pathways, which may include Self-Paced Programs, Provider-Led Treatment and/or Guided Self-Therapy.

Self-Paced Programs

Self-Paced Programs help employees identify symptoms and triggers of stress and build strategies for preventing them.

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Introductory experience that identifies common symptoms and causes of stress
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Guided courses on mindfulness, stress management, resilience, burnout, grief/loss and more
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Progressive curriculums that help employees learn about their mental health, set improvement goals and build lasting skills

Provider-Led Treatment

Provider-Led Treatment gives your people access to two clinically validated programs with oversight from live behavioral health specialists. Delivered via a mobile app, they fit seamlessly into employees' lives and deliver proven impacts.

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8-week coaching program

  • For those with less severe anxiety or depression
  • 1-1 video and chat support with a certified coach
  • Lessons and practices on improving stress management skills and building resiliency
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12-week treatment

  • For those with more severe anxiety or depression
  • Digitally enabled 1-1 clinical program with licensed therapist support
  • Curriculum covering a different theme and technique each week
  • Biofeedback via a wearable heart-rate variability (HRV) device
  • Enhanced care coordination with external supports, if necessary

Guided Self-Therapy 

A clinically proven app helps employees manage mental health challenges with cognitive behavioral therapy on their own schedule and in total privacy.

  • Care delivered digitally, privately and quickly, on the employee’s own schedule
  • Evidence-based tools based on proven cognitive behavioral therapy methods
  • Automated, Smart Personalization engine that creates custom, individualized programs

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