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Unum Behavioral Health

How Unum Behavioral Health is different

Many behavioral health programs — like the typical employee assistance program (EAP) — provide resources for those in crisis, but are not built to proactively help employees engage and improve. And many programs provide little visibility into whether they’re actually effective. Unum Behavioral Health is different.
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Better engagement, flexible programs, demonstrable results

Unum Behavioral Health goes beyond the typical EAP, with a flexible, proven approach that maximizes employee participation and engagement, plus metrics that clearly demonstrate impact — all from a benefits provider you can trust to take care of your employees and your business.

Designed so employees will engage and improve

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    Communication and training to combat stigma around seeking help for mental health and make proactive treatment available before an issue turns into a crisis
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    Personalized, multimodal support pathways that meet employees wherever they are on the spectrum of mental health
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    Immediate access to therapist support, compared to weeks-long waits with other programs
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    Convenient digital experiences and diverse behavioral health professionals to help employees fit mental health into their busy lives with comfort and confidence
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From a trusted source for employee wellness benefits

A proven solution from an industry leader in employee benefits and a trusted partner in handling sensitive personal information, Unum Behavioral Health is powered by recognized innovators in behavioral health delivery.

The Unum Behavioral Health Difference

Choose the solution that does more. Unlike a traditional EAP, Unum Behavioral Health tackles all facets of mental health support.

Our behavioral health solution Standard EAP offerings
Support focus
Support focus
Focused on providing personalized and guided support to meet a broad range of employees' mental health needs Broader than just mental health support with varying degrees of individualization and guidance
Support focus
Provides access to immediate access to support, with no authorization or waiting period needed Typically takes weeks to get access to licensed therapists, with significant employee effort
Support focus
25% of employees expected to engage in one of the support pathways <8% historical participation in traditional EAP components of a traditional EAP offering2
Support focus
Clinical results1
78% showing significant improvement, maintained at 6 and 12 months1 No functionality to measure long-term symptom improvement
Support focus
Program length1
12 weeks1 2.47 sessions per case3
Support focus
Avg. time engaged1
20 hours1,* 1.34 hours4 (calculated with 25-40 minute average session length of traditional EAP)
Support focus
Metrics and reporting
Includes robust reporting on key metrics: engagement, completion and clinical effectiveness and productivity measures by support pathway Only report high-level engagement metrics

1 Unum's treatment partner internal data, 2021. Applies to individuals who participated in the 12-week therapy program.

2 Journal of Insurance Regulation: "Are We Doing Enough:" An Evaluation of the Utilization of Employee Assistance Programs to Support the Mental Health Needs of Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020.

3 Sharar, D. Where do we go from here? Improving value and pricing in EAP. Journal of Employee Assistance, 2019.

4 Amanda Ruiz, A Quick Guide to Understanding EAP, The Counseling Collective, 2019.

* Limited number of therapist visits available.

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