Unum Behavioral Health

How the program works

The Unum Behavioral Health Solution offers intervention at early and later stages on the continuum of mental health, to prevent employees from falling to the next stage — and to help them recover if they do. This enhanced support lessens disruption to their lives and helps them regain their productivity in the workplace. As their employer, you’ll get visibility into overall program engagement, as well as benchmarking and analysis on program effectiveness that demonstrate clear ROI.

See Unum Behavioral Health in action

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Education and engagement

Communication campaign

We engage your employees in the delicate topic of mental health.

  • Initial welcome emails introducing the solution
  • Informative articles that can be uploaded to your company intranet
  • Automated reminder emails based on level of engagement with platform
  • Striving for 100% participation in mandatory elements like the initial introductory training and self-reflection assessment
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Education orientation

Upon entering our digital portal, employees have immediate access to our education program.

Engaging orientation

  • A 10-minute video introduction to mental health and breaking the stigma
  • A 5-minute self-reflection exercise on mental wellness

Resource library

A collection of helpful content pieces, including articles, videos, and activities on topics for all employees — including those who are mentally healthy.

Live training

  • Specialized live training for specific employee subgroups
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Executive-level training

Personalized support pathways

We provide personalized recommendations to different pathways based on individuals’ needs, while supporting employees’ privacy and confidentiality.
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Support option navigation

A 10-minute self-reflection exercise to help determine the best course of further action

Early intervention programs

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12-week evidence-based therapy

Digitally-enabled 1x1 clinical program with licensed therapist for those with anxiety and depression. Curriculum covers a different theme and technique each week.

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Coaching for stress and resiliency

1x1 video and chat support with a certified coach to work on improving stress management skills and building resiliency in the face of mental health challenges.

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Self-guided program

Self-paced content for those with low levels of stress to identify triggers and opportunities for combatting stress. Participants are aided in building their own wellness action plan.

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Care coordination

Case-by-case referral support to medical network providers for those suffering from substance use or behavioral health disorders other than anxiety and depression.

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Therapy delivery

Delivered via smartphone app and other devices, the therapy pathway fits seamlessly into employees’ lives, with multiple dimensions of support.
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Lessons and practices

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, sleep and nutrition. User-friendly audio and video practices
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Video and chat with a therapist and care team

Daily support via video and chat to enhance learning and engagement
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Objective physiological feedback provided via a wearable heart rate variability (HRV) device
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Peer support group

Anonymous and confidential

Psychiatrist support

Case overview and medication oversight (when needed)
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Primary care provider collaboration

Reports and updates provided to patient’s primary care physician and/or care team with their consent

Employer communications and reporting

We keep employers equipped and informed. 

Reporting and analytics

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    Access content for the communication and education campaigns
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    Securely share and receive files from Unum
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    Request support from the Unum team


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    Employers will not see any individualized data about an employee’s use of any of the solution’s pathways
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    All data reported by Unum is anonymous and in aggregate

Progress and results reporting

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    Provides a single source for behavioral-health-related success metrics and key performance indicators
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    Shows employee engagement levels with each component of the solution
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    Tracks the effectiveness of the pathways as measured by clinical and productivity improvement

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