Building a leave and absence strategy for the future

December 10, 2020 

Managing leave and absences is not what it was just a year ago. Once a simple matter of tracking vacation days and sick leave, leave and absence management is a growing concern for companies and their HR departments. Laws, regulations and employee needs are evolving, and market trends are changing amid the ongoing global health crisis. Today, managing absence is not just an administrative burden, but a competitive advantage and a strategic imperative.

In this webinar, leave experts Matthew Howes of Aon, and Unum’s Susan Stowell and Marci Cyr, share best practices for building an absence strategy for the future that meets the needs of a new generational blend in the workforce and for businesses to differentiate their offerings.

Learn how you can:

  • Tackle the challenges of complex federal and state leave laws and multi-state locations.
  • Be prepared for intermittent leaves and the need to support employees in transition, working from home and returning to the workplace, while minimizing impacts on productivity.
  • Create a leave and time-off portfolio that works well with your overall benefits package and supports your business goals while giving you a competitive edge that attracts talent.
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Matt Howes headshot

Matthew Howes

Vice President, Time Away & Life Solutions Practice, Aon

Matthew Howes is an expert in leave, life and disability for Aon’s Time Away and Life Solutions practice, serving underwriting, marketing, implementation and renewal efforts for clients. He provides expertise in serving clients as they navigate the complexity of absence management, including the development of policy and procedures, PTO harmonization, compliance to manage paid sick leaves, disability, FMLA, Paid Family Leave, and various state and local leave regulations. 

Susan Stowell headshot

Susan Stowell

Vice President, Absence Management Offering, Unum 

Susan Stowell drives the strategic vision for new enhancements to Unum’s leave and absence portfolio, guiding investments that improve the user experience with a modern, digital toolset. In this role, Susan interacts with customers across the United States in helping to solve their greatest leave management pain points and driving their strategic vision and digital intelligence. Previously, Susan led Unum’s Workforce Solutions consulting team, positively impacting customers’ experiences with unplanned absences. She has also worked extensively in healthcare. 

Marci Cyr headshot

Marci Cyr

Assistant Vice President, Leave Transformation, Unum 

Marci Cyr has spent the past two years focused on transforming Unum’s approach to leave and absence management. Although primarily focused on Unum’s policies, processes, and employee experience as an employer, Marci also partners closely with her Unum business partners to provide the client perspective as input to the ongoing design of future leave administration services. She draws from her diverse business experience in leave management and policies, strategic business and IT planning, organizational design, transformational change management, program management and communications.

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