Unum HR Trends podcast

Season two

In its second season, HR Trends considers the future of work as we enter a new phase of the pandemic. Business leaders, HR thought leaders, and Unum experts share their insights on the growing importance of behavioral health at work, how tech is transforming HR practices, the expansion of leave policies, what role benefits play in a labor market turned upside down by the pandemic, and what the future of work means for employees and employers alike.

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Recent episodes

Podcast S2:E3

Inflation and supporting employee wellbeing

September 7, 2022

The swift rise in inflation and worries about a potential recession have taken a financial and emotional toll on employees. In this episode, financial and wellbeing experts — Martha Leiper, Carl Gagnon and Laurie Mitchell — share their insights about what’s driving inflation and the practical steps organizations can take to support the people that power their business.

Podcast S2:E2

How to really listen to your employees

August 8, 2022

The pandemic didn’t create the need for workplace transformation, but it definitely accelerated it. Two experts in industrial organizational psychology explain how to create a competitive employee experience in today’s evolving labor market.

Man and woman looking at tablet

Podcast S2:E1

Attract, retain, protect: Supporting people in the new world of work

May 27, 2022

Thought leaders discuss the shifts around work and time transforming HR in 2022.