Unum HR Connect for Workday® Human Capital Management

Ready to get the most out of your investment in Workday? Connect your Workday HCM system to your Unum benefits for easy, automated benefits and absence administration that helps you optimize your HR technology.

HR Connect + Workday

Unlock even more value from your investment into Workday HCM with our faster, simpler and more accurate approach to employee benefits and absence administration.

Unum HR Connect automates many of the most time-consuming administrative tasks associated with benefits and absence management.

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Absence management all in one place

Leaves of absence are consolidated into a single online system with automated return-to-work processes. No need to manually enter data — all information stays up to date and compliant.

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    No file feeds required to update your Workday system

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    Real-time secure updates on leave extensions and return-to-work plans, visible directly inside Workday

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    Automated return-to-work notifications for managers

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    Streamlined and consistent data exchange for all absence types: Short Term Disability (STD), Family Medical Leave (FMLA), state, corporate and paid family leave

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    Employers can integrate with other Workday functions (e.g., payroll)

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Voluntary benefits enrollment

Enroll Unum’s voluntary benefits products in a way that’s simple for employees — directly inside Workday, alongside medical coverage and other benefits.

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    No separate file feed required for eligibility or invoicing

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    Employees receive a simple, consistent, enrollment experience hosted inside Workday

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    Multiple options available for embedded benefits education and/or benefits counselor support

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    All voluntary product lines supported

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Online EOI without waiting or paper forms

Integrated evidence of insurability is easy for your employee applicants and HR teams. With real-time EOI decisions and no paper forms, the process is reduced from weeks to minutes.

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    Our integrated, embedded EOI application leads to completion rates over 90%, with approximately 85% of applicants receiving an instant coverage decision.1

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    Smart user interface that’s prefilled and asks only relevant medical questions.

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    Easy, digital process that is completely paperless.

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    EOI-related claims issues are dramatically reduced.

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Automated billing with no reconciliation

Synced, real-time data lets you automatically receive accurate invoices while eliminating manual effort and errors. Plus, you can easily submit premium online in just a few clicks.

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    Changes/updates made in your Workday system are automatically sent to Unum in real time.

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    Your bill is accurate, month after month.

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    Simple online payment options.

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    You can drill down to policy, product and employee-level detail.

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Benefits portability and conversion

It’s easy to manage benefits portability and conversion for departing employees, as the needed demographic and eligibility details are pulled directly from Workday — saving time and simplifying the process for HR.

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    Administration is simple — all that’s needed is to provide the employee with Unum’s 800 number when employment or previous benefits eligibility ends.

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    Integration with Workday pulls the necessary employee coverage information. HR does not need to separately send employee information to Unum.

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    No paper forms, no file feeds to manage, and no requests from Unum for employee details.

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    Should the employee choose to move forward with portability or conversion, Unum will send a pre-filled application directly to the employee.

How does Unum HR Connect work?

Unum HR Connect is a secure, real-time connection between Unum's industry leading leave and absence management services and your Workday platform. It leverages a first-in-the-industry suite of API connections to create a seamless information exchange, making benefits administration quick, easy and better for everyone.


Employer's Workday System

Employee information, coverage elections, hire and enroll dates are all kept up to date and accurate for reporting


Unum HR Connect

Synchs leave and absence info, delivers real-time EOI and automates billing


Unum's Benefits Platform

Comprehensive leave and absence services with online EOI, intuitive admin and modern payment options

Workday consulting services

Unum’s team of Certified Workday Professionals can assist in all aspects of configuration for your company’s Workday environment.

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    Integrate Unum benefits according to best practices — ensures optimal solution configuration for all Unum HR Connect capabilities
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    Leverage Unum’s industry-leading benefits and absence expertise and proprietary API-connections with Workday
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    Saves cost when compared to hiring independent consulting firm; expedites timelines by streamlining process

Still not convinced?

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1. Unum internal data, 2022