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Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen, and Polly Nicholas, Senior Vice President and Head of Solutions at Unum  

In the new world of work, “being human” has never been more important. Employers sit at the center of the families and communities they serve, and it's an exciting time to see how the prioritization of workers can help fuel humanity at scale. Listen as Jason and Polly discuss the importance of infusing humanity into the digital world of work, while proving that HR programs do what they set out to do.

Kathi Enderes, Senior Vice President of Research, The Josh Bersin Company

The conference saw the release of new research from The Josh Bersin Company: The Global Workforce Intelligence Project. Kathi discusses such findings as the looming shortage of nurses, with insights on improving the employee experience to keep nurses in their jobs. And what creative solution is Amazon employing to help solve the shortage? Listen to find out.

Swapnil Prabha, Vice President of Workforce Wellness Solutions

Swapnil stops by to talk about keeping people at the heart of HR tech. She discusses how Unum’s Behavioral Health solution centers people by being a full life-cycle solution meant for those anywhere on the mental health spectrum. And she talks about the grit HR leaders will need as the new normal of work becomes more defined. Listen to learn more.

Denise Chase, Executive Director of the Mom Project

Navigating the transition from working professional to working mom is no mean feat. Denise Chase of The Mom Project stops by to talk about her own journey, as well as how The Mom Project is changing the script and accelerating female workforce participation. Listen as she discusses best practices for getting parents back in to the workforce and increasing their productivity.

Adam Gordon, Co-founder, PTO Genius

Burnout is at epidemic levels in the U.S. and innovative companies are tackling this problem head-on. Adam — a winner of the HR Tech Product of the Year — discusses the deeply personal stories that led to his company’s creation. “Time off hasn’t been touched in decades,” he says. “There has to be a better way to optimize and utilize it.” Listen to find out how is AI being leveraged to improve employee experience.

Jess Von Bank, Head of Brand and Vendor Services, Leapgen

Jess believes we currently have an opportunity to remake work on more equitable terms. Employers need to remove barriers for people — working moms being a prime example — instead of always demanding that people overcome those barriers. She believes gender and race pay gaps should be considered corporate criminal behavior. And why does she says technology by itself is not the solution? Listen to find out.

Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources

As a talent expert, Tim weighs in on the high level of venture capital investment being directed at HR tech and what it means for the future of attracting and retaining employees. Listen to hear him discuss why HR needs to improve quantitative success metrics and devise new ways to access and develop talent in a labor shortage that is not going away anytime soon.

Ellen McCann, AVP of Leave Solutions, and Amanda Neely, Director, Solutions at Unum

“Employee leave needs to be revolutionized,” says Ellen McCann. Listen to this acclaimed national thought leader as Amanda Neely presents some key questions employers have about leave. We cover the vital importance of employee education, how digital access allows employees to do their own scenario planning, and how tech opens up holistic experiences like lactation rooms and mental health support.

Robin Schooling, podcast host of DriveThru HR

As a talent strategist in this tight labor market, Robin gives her insights on finding ways to encourage internal mobility and expanding the candidate pool by looking at skills instead of job descriptions. And why is Robin skeptical of candidate-matching software? Listen to find out.

Polly Nicholas, Senior Vice President and Head of Solutions and Rich Lappin, AVP of HR Connect Solutions at Unum

Live from Workday Rising! Why is an insurance carrier at Workday Rising? Rich and Polly relate how Unum was the first carrier to become a software partner with Workday®, allowing the two systems to directly exchange data in real time without file feeds. Listen to learn how Unum HR Connect helps Workday users reclaim time spent on benefits administration, leave management and evidence of insurability.

Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference Co-chair and Co-founder of H3 HR Advisors

The HR Tech conference is no longer about the latest gadget — it’s about the end results. Listen as Steve discusses how businesses can draw a straight line from employee well-being to increased productivity, talent retention and absenteeism reduction — with programs and software that create huge impacts for employees and their families alike. He also discusses what’s next for HR tech in 2023.

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