Episode 35: Strategies to increase engagement this enrollment season

November 1, 2021

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Enrollment season is upon us — and perhaps has never been more important. There is an increased demand for better benefits, and an enrollment experience that integrates innovative technology with authentic, individualized and human connection. In this episode, HR technology and enrollment experts share their top recommendations, including:

  • Personalized benefits are trending. Steve Boese shares insights from his role as Program Chair of the HR Technology Conference. Organizations should prioritize employee development, skill identification and an enriched career path. [2:00]
  • There must be a balance between technology and human interaction. A successful enrollment season will need to include innovative ways to connect with individual employees. [5:24]
  • There are generational differences in benefits enrollment needs and preferences. Millennials, now ranging in age from 25–40, have been challenged by the pandemic more than any other age demographic. [6:45]
  • Benefits are top of mind. A recent survey found that 8 in 10 employers believe the pandemic has made employees more aware of available benefits. [8:00]
  • To make a real difference in the employee experience, education is key. A robust benefits offering is ineffective if employees are not well-informed. [11:28]
  • Today’s employees expect varied benefits education methods. Survey results show value in both online and in-person enrollment support. [13:03]
  • Use benefits to support recruitment and retention. The tight labor market and increased employee interest should encourage all employers to prioritize promoting the current benefits offering. [18:28]
  • Additional resources: Webinar: Enrollment strategies for the new world of work.
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Guide: Enrollment tech best practices

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Steve Boese headshot

Steve Boese

Co-founder, H3 HR Advisors

Steve Boese is the Program Chair and host of the HR Technology Conference, the leading global event for the HR Technology Industry, and a technology columnist for Human Resource Executive Magazine. Additionally, Steve Co-founded H3 HR Advisors Inc., and is a frequent author and speaker on Human Resources, HR Technology, and the workplace. He co-hosts the popular podcast the “HR Happy Hour Show,” which has been the most downloaded Human Resources podcast since its inception in 2009.

Julie Schwetz headshot

Julie Schwetz

Assistant Vice President and Product Manager, Unum

Julie Schwetz has worked in various product leadership, change management, and operational effectiveness roles since joining Unum in 2018. She currently oversees digital transformation efforts related to enrollment and engagement of the insured, their employers, and brokers alike. Prior to joining Unum, Julie served 13 years in the U.S. Army as a logistician in numerous stateside assignments and deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Her last military assignment was at West Point where she led core higher education functions, including marketing, human resources, and small business operations, and inspired future Army leaders as an academic instructor.

About the host

Clare Morin headshot

Clare Morin

Unum Content Marketing Manager

Clare Morin is the Content Marketing Manager at Unum and a journalist who’s spent the last 20 years interviewing hundreds of thought leaders on topics ranging from wellness to culture, finance, human resources and technology. Born in the UK, raised in Hong Kong and based in the U.S. since 2009, she brings a global outlook to the HR Trends studio.

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