Thriving through change: Insights for your 2024 playbook

December 18, 2023

Three mindsets for HR success 

What will it take for HR teams and employees to thrive in 2024? We brought this question to HR thought leaders, analysts and customer and broker partners across the United States.

Three key themes emerged from the conversations, three mindsets that HR will need to thrive in 2024: strategic partnerships, care-driven purpose and innovation and adaptability.

1. Be a strategic partner

Leave is now one of the most valued employee benefits, but what does it take to be a strong leave partner today? Unum leaders talk to two trailblazing customer and broker partners:

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    Rebecca Berry, Chief Human Resources Officer of St. Charles Health System, shares how and why their organization elevates the employee benefits experience.

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    Sarah Friend, President of the Partners Group, emphasizes the importance of getting the leave experience right.

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Elevated leave management and employee experiences


With smarter technology and deeper platform integrations, Unum Total Leave simplifies absence management for HR and makes it easy for employees to plan leaves, receive benefits and return to work.

2. Lead with empathy 

Thought leaders, futurists and analysts at the HR Tech Conference all agree: HR must be bold in 2024, but to draw the very best out of employees, leaders must tap into empathy too. In this video, hear insights from a wide range of HR tech influencers, including

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    Jeff Williams, VP of Enterprise and HR Solutions at Paychex, who says, "I think the C-suite in the boardroom needs HR more than ever, and we’ve got to go in with a point of view, with a business case, with an ROI, with our research done with, data-driven insights to drive bolder action."

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    Hebba Youseff, Chief People Officer at Workweek and founder and creator of the popular "I Hate it Here" newsletter, says one of the biggest questions for 2024 is "How do we foster real connection?"

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    Dr. Jarik Conrad, Vice President of Human Insights at UKG and Executive Director, UKG Workforce Institute, believes, "We focus on making tech to make things better for people,  but I think we’ve got start to shift to focus tech on making people better."

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3. Innovate and be ready to adapt  

Watch thought leaders and analysts at the HR Tech Conference discuss the importance for HR to remain agile and innovative in 2024 – and why leave management is becoming a critical function, for employers to master in our new world of work.
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    Transformational leave management is now one of the most important strategic HR functions according to Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner at Sapient Insights Group. "It is the most important time for a lot of employees," she says.

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    AI is an "enabler of change and an enabler of transformation," says Jason Averbook, Senior Partner and Global Leader of Digital HR Strategy at Mercer. "AI puts a square in the intersection of not only changing how work works but changing how workers work."

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