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Be in the Know: New Rules on Leave

Rhode Island requires paid medical leave (PML) and paid family leave (PFL) income replacement benefits for eligible workers who need time off from work for qualifying reasons. These programs are commonly referred to as Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) and Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI).

Coverage and cost

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Covered employers

All private sector and some public sector employers are covered.

Coverage options

State plan only. Rhode Island does not allow private options.


1.1% of taxable wage base of $87,000. 100% employee funded.

Employee eligibility

Employee must have been paid wages in Rhode Island and have paid into the Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)/TCI fund.

  • Earned $16,800 in the base period or $2,800 in one quarter
  • Total taxable wages must be at least 1.5 times the highest quarter of earnings, and base-period taxable wages equal to at least $5,600.
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Leave reasons

Caring for a family member, bonding, and medical.

Job protection

For TCI only: Requires continuation of health insurance benefits, and reinstatement to previous or equivalent position.


4.62% of total base period high quarter wages. $130 minimum weekly benefit. $1,070 maximum weekly benefit. $1,444 maximum weekly benefit with 5 dependents.

30 weeks allowed for PML. 6 weeks PFL. 30 weeks combined. Leave must last 7 or more consecutive days to be eligible for benefits.

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Timeline and key dates

Effective July 1, 2024

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How Unum can help

Rhode Island requires coverage from the state so Unum is unable to offer RI statutory plans.

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