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ADP Meeting of the Minds 2024

San Diego | Feb. 28 - Mar. 2

Watch the webinar based on our popular speaker session!

From leave woes to leave WHOAHs! 

Unum experts in leave management technology dive into the complexities of leave management and why it's crucial to provide a better leave experience. They also explore how advanced API integrations technology and our strong partnerships with ADP can ensure the best experience.

Meet the speakers

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Jason Brown

Senior Solutions Consultant
Unum Group
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Michelle Jackson

AVP, Leave Solutions
Unum Group
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ADP + Unum = Full potential of ADP Workforce Now®

Discover the power of real-time, API-enabled integrations to make your ADP Workforce Now® system work harder for you. Remove those lagging data point issues, and reduce your benefits administration workload so you can save time every single day while elevating the employee experience.

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Small group solution session:  Unum for ADP Workforce Now®

Join us for our group demo to see how companies are revolutionizing their HR processes with automation, saving valuable time every month. Don't miss out — register for one of our sessions today!

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