Unum Total Leave

Experience future-forward leave management

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Employer dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard provides seamless access to real-time leave data, saving time and simplifying absence management so that HR teams can focus on more important tasks.

Employer leave records

Our unified view of employee leave records and integration with HR information systems simplify reporting and tracking of complex scenarios, ensuring compliance with leave laws and empowering HR teams with transparency and efficiency.

Employee claims and requests

Our user-friendly planning tools and a 24/7 self-service portal make requesting leave and filing disability claims a breeze. Employees receive personalized leave estimates and have access to a team of specialists to ensure a smooth leave management process.

Employee leave management

Employees can easily manage and track their leave status, access their plan and complete required tasks. They can also look up benefits information, report time off, upload documents, check payments and notify HR when ready to take leave.

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