The Unum Total Leave™ difference

Modern technology that powers leave into the future

By combining best-of-breed technologies with optimized processes, we’ve built an advanced technical platform that takes work off HR’s hands and improves all facets of leave.

Unum’s cloud-based leave and absence management

Our technology advantage

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For HR

Real-time information, drill-downs into details and alerts that highlight needed actions.

Total Leave

AI-based automation, real-time processing and the best of cloud technology to deliver a unified digital experience.

For employees

A self-service leave center that makes it easy to plan leave, navigate return to work and access benefits 24/7.

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Cloud-based technology

We tap into the scalability and agility of the cloud to enable modern digital experiences that deliver real-time information and our latest capabilities.

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Flexible, multichannel communications

Total Leave works not just across mobile and the web, but on the phone, in person and throughout all your employee interactions.

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Data management excellence

Total Leave powers better HR reporting, seamless integrations and predictive analytics for high-impact management practices.

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Advanced automation

Automated technology keeps leave requests and disability claims moving seamlessly — with human support always there.

Ready to transform your leave and absence administration?