Introducing Unum Solutions

June 16, 2022

Every day, Unum helps millions of people protect what matters most: their families, their finances and their futures. For over 175 years, we've kept employees going by delivering better ways to access benefits through the workplace. Today we're proud to announce the launch of Unum Solutions, continuing our track record of developing new approaches to taking care of a changing workforce.

Unum Solutions is a portfolio of products that combines the latest in HR technology with modern benefits and services to support employees when it matters most, including Unum Behavioral Health, Unum Total Leave, Unum Leave Logic and Unum HR Connect.

Across solutions, employees find easy access to expert resources, hands-on support and always-on self-service that fits into busy lives. Our elevated experiences help employees feel engaged and productive when they're at work and supported when they need time away. Meanwhile, real-time data and advanced automation make it easier for busy HR teams to support their people by eliminating manual work, streamlining processes and putting information at their fingertips.

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"We've always been an organization that helps the working world thrive in life's moments. When you consider what the world has gone through in the last few years, we are in a profound sort of touchstone for how we can show up for people,” said Polly Nicholas, SVP Unum Solutions. “We have a tremendous portfolio of products that bring meaningful assistance to companies in meeting this challenge and creating the kind of healthy, supportive environment today's workers seek."

Polly Nicholas
SVP Unum Solutions

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