Unum HR Connect® for UKG Pro™ and UKG Dimensions™

Connect your UKG systems directly to our industry-leading benefits and leave services. Contact your local Unum office to learn more.

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Managing employee benefits and absences with manual or out-of-sync processes can devour your HR department's valuable time and confuse your employees. That's why we developed HR Connect for UKG solutions.
  • Automated billing and embedded EOI with UKG Pro
  • Absence management integrated with UKG Dimensions

HR Connect streamlines absence and benefits management for you and your employees

Automatic leave and absence updates

For your Unum leave and absence services, HR Connect updates leave and absence information in UKG Dimensions automatically and in real time.
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    Employee information and basic status updates are automatically passed to your system. But that's not all.
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    HR Connect also auto-populates leave information and payroll codes right down to the timecard.
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    No more manual entry and, most important, no more errors that can filter down to payroll.
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    Leave is managed in your system of record for all facets of your leave program.
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Evidence of insurability (EOI)

HR Connect makes your EOI process easy — for employees applying for Unum benefits and for your HR team — by integrating it seamlessly into UKG Pro.
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    Employees get online, in-application convenience, plus real-time coverage decisions.
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    Eliminating paper forms also eliminates hassle and time-consuming effort for HR, while boosting accuracy and completion.
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    More than that, critical information like approvals, effective dates and payroll deductions are passed downstream into UKG Pro automatically, freeing HR from multiple manual processes and keeping all your systems in sync.
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Automated billing

By connecting directly to UKG Pro, HR Connect automates the invoicing process, making premium payment a breeze.
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    HR Connect reads your UKG Pro system to collect up-to-the-minute employee information and then generates your bill.
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    No more bill reconciliation, ever.
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    No more transmitting this information yourself.
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How does HR Connect work?

Unum's HR Connect is a secure, real-time connection between Unum and your UKG solutions. It leverages a first-in-the-industry suite of API connections to create a seamless information exchange, making benefits administration quick, easy and better for everyone.

Employer's UKG Pro or UKG Dimensions system

Keeps benefit and leave administration data up to date, for 24/7 insights, accurate payroll and easy billing.

HR Connect

Syncs leave and absence info.


Unum's benefits platform

Ensures accurate payroll, benefits and billing.
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Download our Integrated Benefits Guide to learn more

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