How coverage works

What you need to know about your financial protection benefits from Unum

Benefits from Unum, also known as supplemental insurance, can help you protect your finances during tough times in your life. These policies can pay benefits when you’re unable to work or if you experience an accident or hospital stay.

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Medical insurance may not be enough

Supplemental insurance fills in the gaps

Even with a solid health care plan, out-of-pockets costs such as deductibles, co-pays and prescriptions can add up. An illness could leave you unable to work, or an accident could lead to extra fees from the hospital and ambulance.

Supplemental insurance helps cover what traditional insurance leaves out. Whether it's caring for your loved ones if you die or keeping the bills paid during maternity leave, Unum is here to help you protect your lifestyle and financial independence.

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How supplemental insurance works

Benefits you can use however you need

Supplemental insurance can help you cover the extra expenses that your traditional health insurance plan doesn't account for. The benefits are paid directly to you, so you can use the money however you like — whether you need it to pay hospital bills and co-pays or to take care of household expenses while you're focusing on recovery. Plus, many Unum policies are portable, so you might be able to continue your coverage if you change jobs.

Learn about your options

Protect your finances through the unexpected challenges

When enrollment is coming up, it’s important to take the time to learn about the different supplemental insurance plans available to you. Your HR representative can walk you through the enrollment process and help you identify which plans are best for you, your loved ones and your family’s overall financial health.

Get rewarded for healthy habits

Take advantage of Unum wellness benefits

Regular wellness screenings and exams appropriate to your stage of life are an important part of staying healthy and catching problems early. You could receive a direct payment when you visit a physician for a covered screening or exam.

If you have a Unum plan, you may qualify for this wellness benefit. See your HR representative for details.

Resources for living a balanced life

Read articles on health, work/life balance and choosing benefits for you and your loved ones on Unum's employee well-being blog: WorkWell.

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