Technology partners

Access technology resources that make managing benefits more efficient. The right technology can make the enrollment and benefits management process more efficient and convenient. We consult with you and your clients to understand their objectives, as well as their current commitments. The result is a tech solution that works for everyone.

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Get flexibility and convenience employers want — and the supportive enrollment experience employees need

Whether your client wants employee education, a single online enrollment, or perpetual enrollment and data management services, Unum has a regional or national technology resources partner that can help.

Services available through our technology partnerships help employers control costs, enhance productivity and extend the reach of their HR departments. For example, through Unum technology partners, some solutions may include:

  • Capturing employee events year-round, not just during enrollment
  • Passing employee data between the employer, Unum and the payroll provider in real time, to help ensure information is accurate for payroll, enrollment and claim purposes

We work with you and your clients to find the right mix of services and solutions. Other capabilities that may be available include:

Standard services

  • Reporting
  • Dependent audit and verification
  • Beneficiary identification
  • Reimbursement account enrollment (flexible spending)
  • Plan summary and cost comparisons

Available at additional cost

  • Carrier data and payroll feeds
  • Total compensation statements
  • Evidence of Insurability management
  • Spanish version of system
  • HR service module