Field office support for sales partners

When it comes to supporting your business, Unum stands out. You and your clients want trouble-free sales, enrollments and benefits administration. With Unum, that’s exactly what you get. Our highly trained team members are here to help you build strong business relationships, a healthy business pipeline and competitive benefits programs that meet your clients’ unique needs.

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How our field offices help you build success

We’re more than just a number to call — we’re your team. Our field office representatives go above and beyond to provide you and your valued clients with services and solutions that exceed expectations. Here’s what you can from a relationship with Unum.

Nationwide sales offices

Local sales representatives in 35 offices around the country stand ready to help you connect with your clients.

Tailored solutions

Unum reps are trained to handle unique case sizes and financial needs to help you design the right plan for every client. They can also advise on services such as leave management to help you craft a strategic total benefits program.

Specialized expertise

Look to our client managers for help identifying additional opportunities, consulting on more complex cases and recommending enrollment solutions to strengthen client relationships.

Enrollment support

Our marketing consultants can mine your inforce block to identify growth opportunities. They can also provide employee education and tactical support to ensure effective enrollment.

Home office partners

Our home office works hand in hand with field sales to provide the products, administration and integrated support that keep your clients engaged long term.

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To learn more about offering Unum benefits to your clients, get in touch with your nearest field office.