Benefits education and enrollment

Effective benefits education paves the way for stronger enrollments. We provide your clients’ employees with the tools and materials they need to make informed decisions, plus customized enrollment solutions to fit their workplace.

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Successful client relationships are built on excellent communication

Your customers are our customers, and we understand that in order to grow your business, you need to offer education and enrollment services that they can rely on to ensure their employees make smart benefit decisions. When you work with Unum, you get people, products and services all devoted to satisfying your customers and helping you succeed. We provide a sturdy framework of educational materials and streamlined enrollment processes, so you can concentrate on cultivating relationships rather than coordinating enrollment events.

Comprehensive benefit education

Benefits are a hot topic for today’s workers. With Unum benefits, your clients get access to thorough educational resources, which they can share with employees to maximize participation.

Our extensive collection of education and enrollment tools supports different learning styles, so employees can guide their own benefits decision-making. The materials include:

  • Employee education flyers
  • Posters
  • Postcards and payroll stuffers
  • Informational videos
  • Emails and landing pages
  • Online interactive tools and worksheets

Plus, Unum’s research-based “3+3” communication strategy helps employees feel comfortable with their benefits enrollment. We’ve learned that when employers provide at least three different learning tools and at least three weeks for employees to absorb the information, employees understand their benefits better. That means they are better prepared for enrollment and more likely to make smart benefit choices.

3 weeks ample time prior to enrollment plus 3 tools to learn about benefits equals strong benefits education

A Unum study shows that effective benefits education is tied to higher workplace satisfaction, employee loyalty and engagement.1

Consultative enrollment process

Each of your clients is unique, with their own market strategy and corporate culture. That means when it comes to benefits enrollment, your clients need more than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our process:

  • Our first step is to consult with you and your client to determine the employer’s goals and challenges.
  • Then, we can provide the resources and expertise to match their distinct requirements and budget with the right enrollment strategy.
  • Finally, if that strategy includes a third-party enrollment firm, we have partners with both regional and national reach, which is important if you work with clients who have employees in multiple locations.

The result? Higher participation rates, increased customer satisfaction and a more productive client base for you.

Compared to other enrollment options, the highest percentage of workers are satisfied when they enroll face-to-face with a benefits representative. Nearly 9 out of 10 employees who had a one-to-one meeting with a benefits representative were satisfied or very satisfied with the experience.1

Strong enrollments year after year

Employers want to conduct enrollment with minimal business interruption, and their employees want enrollment methods that fit their preferences and schedules. Based on an employer’s enrollment strategy, we use time-tested practices and technology to help employees feel confident about their benefit selections, understand them well and keep them for the long term.

These user-friendly methods can include:

  • A wide array of face-to-face, call-center and/or self-serve enrollment options to accommodate any workplace
  • Clear, compelling employee communication and education
  • Manageable implementation timelines that allow ample time for communicating enrollment events
  • Your customers get increased workplace satisfaction and employee productivity, and you get high participation and client relationships that get stronger with every enrollment.
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