Employee Navigator partnership

Unum is excited to announce Unum Broker Connect for Employee Navigator, designed to save brokers and their clients time with deep integrations that deliver an easy open enrollment and simple administration all year.

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Want to see Unum Broker Connect in action?

Join an upcoming webinar for a live demonstration of our integration with Employee Navigator, including audience Q&A.

How Unum Broker Connect helps brokers win

Streamlined implementation screens

Streamlined implementation

Get cases set up and enrolled quickly while reducing administrative effort for your team and clients.

  • Onboarding teams fully dedicated to Unum Broker Connect platforms
  • Standardized eligibility and plan provisions to expedite implementation
  • Partner Relationship Directors at the ready for platform consultations
Plan setup icon

Plan setup is easier than ever, thanks to our market-leading Plan Build Guide.

This provides a step-by-step walkthrough to configure Unum plans within the Employee Navigator UI, ensuring accuracy while saving your team considerable time.​ Brokers ready for next-level technology can utilize Automated Plan Setup instead, eliminating manual effort and potential for human error.
Automated plan setup screens

Automated plan setup

Plans are built automatically, exactly to quote, thanks to our proprietary application programming interface (API) connection with Employee Navigator.

  • Loaded with all rates, provisions and plan details
  • Minimizes need for invoice reconciliation
  • Reduces potential for claims issues
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Under a tight timeline? Not ready for automation?

Our market-leading Plan Build Guide can still save your case builders considerable time and boost their accuracy.
Embedded EOI screens

Embedded evidence of insurability (EOI)

Reduce the EOI process from weeks to minutes with real-time decisions and no paper forms.

  • Embedded EOI application completion rates over 90%1
  • Approximately 85% of applicants receive an instant coverage decision1
  • EOI decisions returned and employee elections available for review inside Employee Navigator
  • Application accessed via single sign-on (SSO) link
  • All enrollment types supported: open enrollment, new hires and qualifying life events
Seamless data exchange screens

Seamless data exchange

Utilize Employee Navigator as the system of record for your clients’ employee benefits data.

  • Partner Error Tool provides full member-level transparency
  • Proper plan setup, either via our Automated Plan Setup API or built manually with the Plan Build Guide, alongside accurate member-level deductions returned via the EOI App API, ensure invoice accuracy and drastically reduce need for reconciliation
  • Employee Navigator’s weekly data connections processed same day
  • Open, current and prior elections can be submitted simultaneously with no processing delays

Optimize your Employee Navigator experience

Learn more about partnering with Unum for a greater return on your Employee Navigator investment.

1 Unum internal data, 2024.

All screens shown are simulated and for illustrative purposes only. All personal data displayed is fictitious.

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