More than a network

All providers are the same, right? Not so fast...

Dozens of companies offer good dental provider networks. We're here to build the best dental network in the industry. That means we have to do some things differently.

All of our competitors offer to send you patients and pay your claims fast. So do we. The difference is that we'll help you grow your practice by connecting you with fellow dental care professionals nationwide who face the same challenges you face in today's changing marketplace.

It's all about you. From our dedicated, in-house customer service agents to our professional provider relations team, we're all focused on you. Our providers. You're our reason for being here. We will never forget that as we build a new kind of provider network: a community.

Why join our network

Unum is a leading national employee benefits provider, offering valuable dental coverage and the legendary service and support that millions of members have come to expect and appreciate for disability, vision, life and other insurance lines.

  • Add patients and grow your practice fast
  • We accept electronic claims support attachments
  • Dedicated in-house provider network representatives
  • Marketing and branding opportunities for your practice
  • Inclusion on our online provider listing
  • A partnership with trusted dental benefits experts

Unum Dental News

Dentists rediscover their passion for volunteering

For many dentists, the pressure of running a dental practice, paying off a mortgage and a student loan debt, as well as balancing a family, make the notion of volunteering feel like a far off idea.

Many dentists face challenges educating new parents on baby brushing

Dentists face an uphill battle in educating new and expecting parents in two key areas in a child’s oral hygiene. Namely, the best age for the first dental visit and brushing with fluoride toothpaste.

Dental CPAs are worth the higher fees in private practice

For dentists fresh out of dental school, the sudden reality of combining clinical skills, patient management, and financial pressure can be overwhelming. So the first thing Dr. Bill Simon tells new dentists is “dentistry is a marathon, not a sprint.”

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