Top three benefits of joining a dental network

October 31, 2022
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As a dentist, you are always looking to remain profitable while delivering quality care to the patients in your community. That's why, whether you're an established practice or just starting out, you may wrestle with the question of whether to join a dental provider network.

When you're in a network, you agree to charge a set rate for some services, which reduces your pricing flexibility for in-network patients. But being in a network has multiple benefits that can outweigh that constraint.

1. You'll be more visible to patients

When you are part of a dental insurance carrier's network, the carrier will make you more visible to its insured members.

You'll be included in the network's provider directory and the carrier can highlight your practice when potential patients inquire about network providers in their communities. Directories generally provide contact information, so patients can reach you right away without having to do further research that can delay them in making an appointment.

The best part is this visibility comes at no cost to you. The carrier does most of the work, while you reap the benefit of more patients in your chairs.

2. Easier patient billing for your practice

In today's business climate, dental practices need to reliably cover bills like payroll, equipment, supplies, advertising and insurance. Being in-network means fees for services are predictable and straightforward so you can plan accordingly.

Being in-network also means spending less time explaining costs and charges to patients. Instead of chasing patients for payment, you can focus on growing your practice, staying up to date on technology, and providing the best service for the people in your community.

3. You can help more people

Being in a network makes your practice more affordable and accessible for patients in your area who have dental insurance. In most networks, the fee structure encourages patients to get the ongoing dental care they need, which in turn helps them form a durable relationship with your practice — and spread the news to others in the community.

Established dentists can tell you that strong word-of-mouth and long-term relationships are the basis of a profitable, respected practice that is an important asset to your community.

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1 Unum internal data, 2022.

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