Charitable giving

We help build strong and sustainable communities by partnering with organizations that give individuals and families - no matter their race, demographic or socioeconomic status – what they need to thrive.

Our focus areas

Equitable Pathways

We’re committed to providing equitable opportunities for Black, Hispanic, Latino, and economically disadvantaged students to thrive. We do this by funding programs that…

  • Encourage social-emotional health.
  • Provide career & post-secondary preparation.
  • Remove barriers to post-secondary success.

Healthier Communities

We strive to support those who are disproportionately at risk to adverse health outcomes by funding innovative and action-oriented health & wellbeing programs that...

  • Strengthen the capacity of health and other related systems to respond to and care for individuals.
  • Decrease stigma, discrimination, and social isolation by transforming the way we think and talk about mental health.
  • Support youth with early intervention resources.

Unum Social Justice Fund

Creating stronger, more equitable communities by supporting organizations working to end racism, discrimination and bias with a focus on these four categories...

  • Systemic and policy change
    • Support action-oriented programs that champion solutions that work to permanently reverse or eradicate discriminatory or bias-led systems and policies.
  • Training
    • Provide training aimed to help individuals and organizations understand racial and social injustice, build empathy toward traditionally marginalized groups and communities, and create more equitable organizations and systems.
  • Economic justice
    • Work with marginalized communities to promote financial inclusion and prevent exploitation due to economic status.
  • Civic engagement
    • Engage in programs that provide a voice to marginalized individuals or groups so that they may address issues or concerns regarding their community.

Requests for contributions

Requests are considered throughout the year and are reviewed by our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) representatives in our local areas.

Charitable giving applications:

Matching gifts program

Unum sponsors a matching gifts program that lets us directly support our employees' philanthropic efforts to qualified nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Gifts to qualified non-profit organizations are matched $1 for $1 according to the guidelines.


Reach out to the CSR Representative in your local area.