Unum is committed to inclusion and diversity in our company and our communities 

A message from CEO Rick McKenney

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In recent weeks, our country has experienced once again the negative effects of racism, discrimination, and bias. We have witnessed the senseless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the response to that loss of life. We are also seeing more examples of discrimination in everyday life.

We have not made enough progress toward racial justice and equality in the U.S. We still have work to do with regard to embracing race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and the other differences that make us stronger as a nation. And that work starts with, and includes, each of us.

These recent incidents and others like them affect each of us in a very personal way. It has for me. I know this has been especially painful for members of the black community. For those of you who have been impacted, please know that we see you, we hear you and we will continue to support you.

Now more than ever, we need to commit to inclusion and diversity in our communities. We need to engage in difficult conversations to make progress, while always remaining respectful and empathetic to each other. As a nation, our wide range of experiences, caring spirit and perspectives make us stronger. We need to leverage that strength to engage with our community partners to do even more.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 response, we have encouraged our Unum team to take care of themselves and our customers. Now, I encourage everyone to responsibly use your voice to speak out against racism and take an active role in fostering equality in this country. Please join me in doing this important work here at Unum and beyond.

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