Build a stronger safety net for your employees

Offer a more complete benefits package with income protection insurance

We're already working together to help safeguard your employees' finances and peace of mind from life's unexpected challenges. But together we can do more.

In today's workplace, companies need to provide benefits that fully support their employees. Enhancing your income protection benefits from Unum is the simple way to make your benefits package more complete, without adding complexity or administrative burden.

The value of partnership

As a valued Unum partner, you can enrich your benefits package easily, without creating extra work for your HR staff. When you trust us for a full range of financial protection and supplemental health benefits, you'll get the simple and seamless integrated benefits experience you've grown accustomed to:

  • Streamlined administration
  • Comprehensive benefits, service and support from a company you know and trust
  • One team of experts
  • Consolidated billing, coordinated enrollment
  • Single website and login to manage plans
  • Cohesive employee communication and education
  • Simple claims process
To learn more about how we can work with you and your broker to provide this type of coverage, schedule your complimentary benefits analysis. We'll assess the gaps in your coverage and recommend ways you can do more for your employees.

A paycheck can never be too protected

A person's income is his or her greatest asset — one that needs protecting throughout an employee's career. Our income protection benefits can help defend employees' incomes against misfortunes great and small, through every stage of their lives. Here's how:

Short Term Disability Insurance

Essential for paying the bills during a short-term health event, or recovery from the birth of a child

Long Term Disability Insurance

Provides a lifeline for employees and their families when serious adversity strikes

Term Life Insurance

Protects families from the loss of a breadwinner during an employee's working years

Whole Life Insurance

Helps support surviving loved ones and pay final expenses, even after a person retires

Insurance products are underwritten by the subsidiaries of Unum Group.