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When change blows in, Unum stands out


Your business and your employees are facing complex crosswinds. Costs are up, savings are stretched and every day seems to stir up new challenges.

At Unum, we’ve seen it before. For 165 years, we’ve provided financial protection benefits that help protect the stability of individuals and families. Through it all, we’ve developed and perfected the benefits plans and services that help employers protect their people and keep their businesses growing strong.

We’ve done it by helping employers and their employees prepare for what they couldn’t predict.

Employee benefits like disability, critical illness and accident coverage make all the difference when people need them most. In 2013, Unum paid more than $6 billion in benefits to employees of 175,000 businesses.

So you can count on the winds to shift – but you can count on Unum benefits to help you and your employees stand steady.