Public Policy

Engaging public institutions

The workplace has become the most important point of access for individuals to receive financial protection benefits and every dollar spent by employers on these programs returns a significantly greater economic value to workers who receive them. Employer-sponsored benefits can play a major role in addressing the need for financial protection among working Americans and Britons and in relieving pressure from government resources. That's why we are committed to working with the government to build strong public private partnerships that offer innovative solutions that ensure this protection remains widely accessible and affordable to all employees.

Visit our Unum UK site to learn more about our public policy initiatives in the U.K.

Sharing expertise

Unum contributes to the public discussion of financial protection and its complex challenges by sharing our expertise with policymakers. Both individually and as part of a larger industry coalition and through our membership in trade associations, we meet with legislators and government officials to share our views on disability, life and voluntary benefits, and to urge them to preserve and strengthen employee benefits and the network that delivers them.

Thought leadership

Unum sponsored a groundbreaking study done in partnership with Charles River Associates, a leading global research and consulting firm, to examine the value our products have for consumers and the government. The study found that private, employer-sponsored disability insurance saves U.S. taxpayers up to $4.5 billion per year and helps as many as 575,000 families avoid impoverishment and the need to rely on public assistance programs. The report also suggests that poverty among working adults who become disabled during their careers could be virtually eliminated if all workers had some form of employer-sponsored disability insurance.

In addition, research released by the Consumer Federation of America in partnership with Unum shows that individuals in the U.S. need and want disability coverage — and that they would be willing to pay for it if their employers offered them the opportunity.

This research has helped us in our commitment to help find ways to address the very real challenge of providing a financial safety net for employees and their families in today’s economic environment.

Political transparency and accountability

Unum regularly communicates with lawmakers, both directly and through our trade associations, about the impact of legislation and regulations in a number of areas. To learn more about our lobbying activities and our trade association memberships, please click here.

Unum recognizes that the actions of public policymakers have the potential to impact our daily business operations, and our political action committee, UnumPAC, offers us one tool for engaging in the process.

We also realize the importance of transparency as it relates to our corporate political contributions. Unum has been recognized by the Center for Political Accountability for leadership in political spending disclosure and accountability practices. Access our policy statement on political contributions and our 2017 annual political contributions report. You may also view previous reports from 2016, 20152014, 2013 and 2012.

Founding member

Unum was a founding member of the Council of Disability Awareness, an organization dedicated to promoting education and advancing issues related to disability.