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Enrollment solutions support business and consumer needs

You know how important it is to offer the right benefits to your clients. But how they enroll those benefits is just as critical to their success. Unum has a broad suite of enrollment methods, partners and technology to ensure employees can understand, value and easily enroll in their benefits.

Technology is playing a growing role in benefits enrollment and flexible enrollment solutions are more important than ever. That’s because a growing number of employers are working with third-party technology partners — benefits administration, enrollment firms, payroll and HRIS technology platforms — to deliver employee benefits. And the universe of technology partners continues to expand.

Employers increasingly value brokers and carriers that can link seamlessly with their existing systems or offer standalone solutions to build a strong, tightly integrated customer experience for benefit enrollment and administration.

While, our proprietary enrollment platform, is still the cornerstone of our enrollment delivery, Unum has made significant investments to integrate with many leading technology systems to streamline employee enrollment and provide brokers and clients with broad solutions unparalleled in the industry. In 2013 approximately 50% of Unum voluntary benefits premium was enrolled using a technology partner system and the number continues to grow.

“Unum has a wide range of flexible technology solutions – from web services integration to HRIS snap-ins to hosting,” said Jeff Smith, assistant vice president of Unum’s Consumer Solutions Group. “These broad options enable us to deliver a seamless, tailored enrollment experience that best meet clients' needs.”

No matter what technology solution is used, employee benefits communication is still at the center of what we do. Our enrollment experts have the ability to use a variety of methods and technologies to connect consumers — with the help of their employers — to our products, depending on the needs of the employers and the end-consumers.

Unum continues to expand its capabilities and its partnerships to deliver the widest range of enrollment solutions for our clients.

Unum is currently connected to the following preferred partners:

American Benefits Consulting BlinkHR Impact Interactive (WeCare) Personal Communications Inc
Accordware (BenXpress) Bloom Health Infinity PlanSource
Benefit Communications, Inc (ElectBenefits) bswift Innotech Secova
Benefit Communications, Inc Businessolver (BenefitSolver) Innovia Group Selerix (Selerix, Motivano, SmartEnroll, etc.)
BenefitFocus Common Census (Common Benefits) IPA (eElect, 4my Benefits & EasyEnroll) SmartBen
Benefit Harbor Covala Maxum Financial Trion (VBConnect)
Benefit Plan Manager Dominium (i-Enroller) Mills Benefit Group Univers
Benefit Vision Empowered Benefits My Paperless Office Visual Benefits Communication (The Enterprize Zone)
BenefitsCONNECT EnrollVB (VEBA/Van Epps) National Benefits (eBenefits) Westlake Financial (Benefits Talk)
Benelink (BenelinkConnect) Farmington Navitech Worksite Benefits
BeneTrac Houze & Associates NuStar  

To learn more about Unum’s enrollment solutions, please contact your Unum representative.



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