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New enrollment analysis will help shape better benefits planning

The workplace may be the only place for employees to easily access insurance. So how can you be sure that your benefit offering is the right fit? Can you tell just by the number of employees who enroll?

Not necessarily: Often, employees with the greatest need are the ones least likely to be enrolled in important income protection benefits. In fact, 44% of employees have less than $2,000 in emergency savings – and the same number also worry about their personal finances while they work.1

As companies shift coverage decisions and costs to employees, the burden is on employers to provide benefits and enrollment methods that resonate with their workforce. To confirm that your offering is truly working as it’s supposed to, you need insight into its individual components.

Now, Unum can provide that analysis. Using simple employee data, we can compare the benefits you offer against your enrollment participation. It allows us to see which employees are really engaging with your benefits — and then work consultatively with you to develop actionable strategies.

Participation levels alone are not enough to diagnose - or act upon - gaps and opportunities. It's vitally important to distinguish which segments most highly value and understand their benefits.

  • Our consultative enrollment analysis starts with a graphical display of who's engaged — and who's not — within a workforce.
  • It accounts for variables like age, income, gender and work location. Think of it as a "check-up" for the health of the offering: Are the benefits effective? Are your employees protected?
  • This service also includes ongoing consultation. We provide a participation report (complete with observations and recommendations), as well as a team that’s prepared to help you respond.
Enrollment heatmap


It's clear that when employees recognize and understand the value of their benefits, their enrollment participation improves — and so does their perception of their employer. Unum’s tailored data is useful for measuring which plan designs, benefits education and enrollment methods are of the highest value to diverse employee audiences.

Let Unum help you discover those markers of participation and engagement in your benefits package. For more information, contact your Unum representative.


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