Accessible websites benefit everyone

Unum is committed to maintaining and monitoring the accessibility of all of its websites. We strive to lead by example and provide websites that are accessible to all audiences, regardless of technology or ability. Unum is a recognized employer on the Disability Equality Index, 2020 Best Places to Work.

Accessibility Feedback

If you are experiencing an issue with our website that is causing an accessibility problem, please let us know about it.

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Accessibility compliance

In support of our accessibility compliance effort, we follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as outlined by the World Wide Web Consortium, to help provide a better experience for all site visitors.

We also build our sites to meet WCAG 2.0 Level AA code compliance for xHTML and CSS, to the best of our ability. Our sites also display correctly in most modern browsers and are compatible with the majority of older browsers.

Moving forward

We will continue to update our websites to ensure a more user-friendly, customer-focused and accessible experience for all who visit them. As part of this process, we welcome all comments, suggestions and details of problems you may encounter using this website.