Rethink the onboarding status quo

Modern technology means a better process for you — and your new hires

Onboarding with old-fashioned paper processes and outdated digital systems takes too long and frustrates everyone. But newer, modern Human Capital Management (HCM) systems can streamline onboarding, take the stress off of your HR staff and impress your new talent.

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Introducing HRx

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HRx helps you onboard with ease, while automating and streamlining your other key HR tasks, too.  Sign up for a free demo and see how you can save time and money by bringing your HR processes into the modern age. 

Here's how HRx is different



Automates and streamlines your key HR processes to save you time and money week after week.


Magic Docs

Uses exclusive “Magic Docs” e-signature/pre-population technology to make producing documents easier than you thought possible.


Virtual filing cabinet

Stores and organizes all your HR documents, forms and policies in one virtual filing cabinet, for instant tracking and retrieval.


Go paperless

Abolishes paper processes from benefits enrollment to payroll to performance management, to dramatically boost your efficiency.