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Hispanic Connections

Your work environment is more diverse, and so are the benefits needs of your employees. Unum has the information you need to stay competitive.

The information on this site is provided to foster cultural sensitivity and understanding of demographic trends impacting the workplace. Individual experiences, backgrounds and attitudes vary greatly, and your individual employees may or may not align with broad observations.

Different cultures — common needs

trends square icon imageAmerica’s population is changing, and so is the makeup of America’s workforce. Have you developed a benefits strategy to address the needs of your diverse workforce?


Communication is the key to understanding and job satisfaction

communication square icon graphicBy providing the right level of benefits education, you can ensure employees understand their benefits fully. And when employees understand their benefits, they have better job satisfaction.1

Ongoing customer support when employees need it most

support square icon graphicUnum provides continuous support in English and Spanish, so employees can get assistance with claims, billing and other important matters.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the Hispanic labor force will reach 30.5 million in 2020, accounting for 18.6% of the labor force.2

Our full-circle commitment

full-circle graphic

Building better benefits connections with your diverse workforce

Did you know...

  • Last year, Unum assisted Spanish-speaking customers over 59,700 times through our bilingual call center.3
  • Unum provides comprehensive Spanish-language support throughout the benefits process — from education, to enrollment, to claims and ongoing customer service.

1 Unum, “Employee Education and Enrollment Survey,” January 2012. Results based on a random survey of 1,528 employed adults with benefits from a variety of providers.
2 Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment outlook: 2010-2020,” Monthly Employment Review, January 2012, Available from
3 Unum internal data, 2012.
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