Human capital management software for your small business: HRx

The HCM software solution that keeps you organized, efficient and compliant

Every business needs an HCM or HRIS system to simplify talent recruitment, training and compensation. That’s why we developed HRx: modern, intuitive HR software that automates your most time-consuming tasks, scaled to the sweet spot for your growing business. 

With features that streamline record-keeping, onboarding, benefits billing, and more (including payroll services), HRx is smart tech that will save you time and money every single day.

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HRx system
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Do you have the right documents on hand?

With the right employee records, you can track business-critical information and help protect your company in the case of legal action. Take the first step with our free checklist of the essential records every business should keep on hand.

Introducing HRx
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HRx helps you keep and track records with ease, while automating and streamlining your other key HR tasks, too. Sign up for a free demo and see how you can save time and money by bringing your HR processes into the modern age.

Human resource management software
designed just for you

Say goodbye to filing cabinets full of paper, clunky interfaces and incorrect benefit bills that take time to reconcile. We’ve designed HRx to provide the ease and functionality small businesses need.


Automated and simplified workflows

Streamlined onboarding/offboarding, leave, benefits administration, and more

Virtual filing cabinet

Virtual filing cabinet

Centralized hub that organizes your entire library of HR documents and data — and digitizes document signing

Digital document handing

Digital document handling

Digital signing, record keeping and benefits enrollment, eliminating paper processes, assisting with compliance, and saving you hours every month

Integrated billing

Integrated billing

Error-free billing for all your Unum benefits, with automatic updates and zero need for monthly reconciliation


Modern, intuitive interface

Easy-to-use experience that integrates all your HR tasks

Enhanced new hire experience

Enhanced new hire experience

Consistent and efficient workflows and communications

Enjoyable self-service

Simple self-service

Smart design for you and your employees

Flexible and customizable

Flexible and customizable

Can be tailored to support your existing processes and preferences

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Imagine a better onboarding process

With Magic Docs, digital signing and streamlined workflows, HRx can also help you onboard like it’s 2019. Get the facts on onboarding and how this software can take the process from days to minutes.