Be in the Know: New Rules on Leave

Oregon requires paid medical leave (PML) and paid family leave (PFL) income replacement benefits for eligible workers who need time off from work for qualifying reasons.

Coverage and cost

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Leave Reasons

Family, bonding, medical and safe leave.

Job protection

Employers must provide continuation of health insurance benefits and restore an employee to his/her previous (or equivalent) position if 90 days tenured prior to leave.

Other protections and provisions

Minimum one work day increments required.


Employees receive up to 100% of their average weekly wage on a sliding scale. Maximum weekly benefit = 120% of the state average weekly wage.

12 weeks of paid leave per benefit year (14 weeks for limitations related to pregnancy, childbirth or a related medical condition, including but not limited to lactation). No more than 16 total weeks of leave (paid or unpaid) when combined with leave taken under Oregon Family Leave Act (18 weeks if disabled by pregnancy).

Covered employers

All employers are covered except the federal government, tribes and self- employed.

Coverage options

Employers may use the state or a private plan. Private plans must be approved by the state.


  • The rate may not exceed 1% of an employee’s wages capped at the maximum wage base ($132,900 for 2023 program effective date). The Oregon Employment Department will set the rate.
  • Employee max contribution will be 60% of the total rate. Employers will pay at least 40% of the final rate. Employers may pay employee contributions.
  • Employers that employ fewer than 25 employees are not required to pay the employer contribution.

Employee eligibility

Employees who have contributed to the PFML Insurance Fund and have earned at least $1,000 in wages during the base. (First 4 of the last 5 completed calendar quarters)

How Unum can help

Unum will offer our clients both fully insured and self-insured solutions. We will also offer STD products to provide supplemental coverage that integrates seamlessly with our private plan or the state-run program.

Helpful information

Timeline and key dates

  • January 1, 2023 Contributions for the program begin.
  • September 3, 2023  Benefits will become available to employees.
  • April 30, 2023  First quarterly reports are due to the state.

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