Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave

The state of Connecticut passed legislation in 2019 allowing employees to receive paid leave for certain qualifying reasons. Employee deductions for the Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Program (CT PFML) will begin 1/1/2021 and benefits will become available to employees 1/1/2022.

Other protections and provisions

Does CT PFML provide job protection for employees on leave?

CT PFML provides paid benefits and is not job-protected. However, under the existing CT FMLA law, employees are required to be restored to the same position. Starting in 2022, CT FMLA will better align with the new paid CT PFML requirements. This includes decreasing the employee eligibility requirement to three months of employment. In addition, CT FMLA will change from 16 weeks of leave over a 24-month period to 12 weeks of leave over a 12-month period, the same as CT PFML. It appears the intent is that compensation under PFML will run concurrent with leave under CT FMLA wherever possible.

Who is responsible for developing and administering CT PFML?

The actual legislation includes important components of the CT PFML program but there is still a lot to be decided before benefits become available to employees January 2022. This is why a new “quasi-public” agency called the Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority has been created to develop and administer the program.

The legislation also creates the PFML Trust Fund to hold contributions and pay PFML benefits and administrative expenses.

Employers will be allowed to opt out of the state program and choose a private plan that provides equal or richer benefits. See “can employers opt out of the state program?” for more information.

Key dates

  • 11/1/20: Employers can begin registering with the state plan (
  • 01/01/21: Employers to begin withholding employee contributions.
  • 03/31/21: End of 1st quarter, first payment is due to the state. Payments can also be submitted during the quarter (contributions are due at the end of each quarter).There is a 30-day grace period so contribution can be submitted by 4/30/21.
  • 01/01/22: Benefits become available

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