Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave

The state of Connecticut passed legislation in 2019 allowing employees to receive paid leave for certain qualifying reasons. Employee deductions for the Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Program (CT PFML) will begin 1/1/2021 and benefits will become available to employees 1/1/2022.

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Benefit amount

What are CT PFML benefits for employees?

Pay during leave:

Employees will receive 95% of their average weekly wage, up to 40 times the state minimum wage, plus 60% of their average weekly wage that exceeds 40 times the minimum wage. Total benefits are capped at 60 times the state minimum wage.

Maximum annual duration:

Employees can receive 12 weeks of benefits over a 12-month period and an additional 2 weeks for a serious health condition that results from incapacitation during pregnancy.

How much will CT PFML cost?

Generally, if an employer has an unemployment insurance obligation for an employee in CT, that employee has an obligation to contribute to the paid leave trust fund.

The state program is funded by employee contributions. Employers can choose to pay some or all of the cost for their employees.

The contribution rate will be 0.5% of an employee’s earnings up to the amount of earnings subject to Social Security taxes ($142,800 in 2021). To illustrate, in 2021, employees would pay no more than 0.5% of $142,800, or $714 annually.

Connecticut’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority is responsible for determining the contribution rate every year.

Key Dates

  • 11/1/20: Employers can begin registering with the state plan (
  • 01/01/21: Employers to begin withholding employee contributions.
  • 03/31/21: End of 1st quarter, first payment is due to the state. Payments can also be submitted during the quarter (contributions are due at the end of each quarter).There is a 30-day grace period so contribution can be submitted by 4/30/21.
  • 01/01/22: Benefits become available

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