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Unum Behavioral Health

How the program works

Unum Behavioral Health provides employees with immediate access to effective mental health support. Unlike traditional approaches that suffer from low utilization or questionable impacts, Unum Behavioral Health engages your workforce, offering personalized options to meet each employees' unique needs while empowering HR with privacy-protected visibility into utilization and impact.

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Engaging education and training

With proactive communication, content and training, our approach helps break down the stigma surrounding behavioral health and encourages everyone to explore their mental wellbeing.
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Communication campaign

We engage your employees in the delicate topic of mental health.
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    Initial welcome emails introducing the solution
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    Awareness-building communications that can be uploaded to your company intranet
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    Automated reminder emails based on level of engagement with platform

Live training

We provide specialized live training for specific employee subgroups to help create a more supportive overall environment, including:
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    Mental health first aid
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    Executive level training

A digital gateway to immediate, personalized support

Unum Behavioral Health provides employees with everything they need to quickly access effective, targeted support: 
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Mental wellness hub

Mobile-friendly site available 24/7 that provides a simple "front door" for all Unum Behavioral Health resources

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Engaging orientation

A 10-minute video introduction to mental health and breaking the stigma, and a 5-minute self-reflection exercise

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Resource library

A comprehensive collection of insightful articles, videos, webinars, and activities on topics for all employees

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Support navigation

Assesses employees' level of mental wellness, and provides personalized recommendations for support that fits

Support pathways based on individual employee needs

Based on reflection exercises and a guided self-assessment, employees may be recommended to the program's personalized support pathways, which may include:
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    Self-Paced Programs that help employees who battle low levels of stress, anxiety, and depression with a sequence of engaging activities and reflections
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    Provider-Led Treatment with hands-on support from a mental health professional through a structured 12-week course or a coaching program with certified experts ready to provide support
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    Guided Self-Therapy through an intelligent therapeutic app that helps employees manage mental health challenges with proven cognitive behavioral therapy on their own schedule and in total privacy
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Unum Behavioral Health can also integrate with your existing programs, like EAP and medical benefits.

Clear visibility into program impact

Other solutions may show overall utilization, but Unum Behavioral Health goes further, providing metrics that give a clear view of program impact for both employees and the company, while completely protecting employee privacy.

Progress and results reporting

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Begins with analyzing an employee's current state of wellbeing based on key wellness and productivity indicators

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Shows employee engagement levels with each component of the solution

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Tracks the effectiveness of the pathways as measured by clinical and productivity improvement

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Provides a single source for behavioral-health-related success metrics and key performance indicators


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    Employers will not see any individualized data about an employee's use of any of the solution's pathways
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    All data reported by Unum is anonymous and in aggregate

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