Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. Success Story:

Drawn by customer service, discovers superior integration

Integrated billing with Workday ® via Unum HR Connect proves to be a serious time saver. Learn what HR Connect can do for you.

Founded in 1989, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. is a medical device company that creates medical devices for peripheral and cardiac procedures that remove calcium deposits, helping save lives and limbs.

More than 725 of Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.’s employees are covered by Unum benefits.

Unum benefits offered:
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • FMLA and ADA Administration
  • Life and AD&D
  • Critical Illness Insurance

Unum HR Connect integrations:
  • Absence
  • Billing
  • EOI
Unum Solutions
  • Total Leave

CSI's journey toward integration

CSI is devoted to developing innovative solutions for treating peripheral and coronary artery disease. To keep their workforce healthy and productive they needed better service from their benefits provider. Along the way, they also came to see how Unum’s superior integrations save HR time and effort. Watch the story below.

The challenge

Developing life-saving devices is serious work. With CSI employees spending excessive time on hold with their previous benefits vendor, Michelle Murray, Manager of Benefits, knew she needed to make a change. Employees are “supposed to be in the facilities and supporting our doctors — saving lives and limbs. Having a better customer service experience was really important for our employees so they could get back to work,” says Murray.

“When employees call in to initiate a leave it is real-time and it’s instantly visible on our system for our managers and myself. Other things such as life insurance and evidence of insurability are integrated within our system.”

—Michelle Murray, Manager of Benefits at CSI

“Unum's customer service differentiates itself from our prior administrator”

According to Murray, now that they’ve changed to Unum, “I’ve received positive feedback from our employees saying how easy Unum is to work with and how easy they are to get a hold of, which tells me that those hold times no longer exist for our employees, which is a great story to tell and very good reinforcement of the reason why we chose Unum as our new administrator. Unum's customer service differentiates itself from our prior administrator.”

“What used to take me hours literally takes me a couple of minutes”

Technology was another motivating factor for CSI’s move to Unum, especially the seamless integration with Workday® via HR Connect. “That was really important,” says Murray. “The actual access and the integration with Workday were a really big influence on our decision to move to Unum.”

Murray explains, “HR Connect is a direct connection between the Unum system and our platform, which saves me time because billing is integrated. It used to take me a couple of hours to prepare the spreadsheets to create the bill and put it into my old administrator's system, and now I just run the report. What used to take me hours literally takes me a couple of minutes in the new system.”

EOI gets completed close to “80 to 90%” of the time now

EOI is also a breeze: “It is something that they can just do right within Workday with the link,” says Murray. “Having the integration with Unum with HR Connect really does increase the number of individuals that complete those evidence of insurability forms. Before I would send out paper applications and employees didn't necessarily follow through. I'd say we probably had maybe a 25% completion rate. Now I see closer to 80 to 90% completing those evidence of insurability forms.”

Total Leave is a “one-stop shop for employees and administrators”

Total Leave saves everyone at CSI time and hassle. “There's no paper pushing for our employees,” says Murray. “The Unum Total Leave solution through HR Connect automates our process because that direct connection allows those updates to happen in real time. So as soon as an employee's leave is initiated, I can see it in the system, and we've enabled our system to allow managers to see that as well.”

Murray also appreciates how Total Leave integrates with their payroll system. For instance, when an employee initiates a leave, it is automatically passed on to Workday. “There's no data entry required by me and there's no way that there can be an incorrect entry because it is automated and directly connected between Unum and CSI's Workday solution,” says Murray.

Total Leave “is a one-stop shop for employees and administrators so that we can go in and see every piece of the claim,” says Murray. The CSI team can see all correspondence associated with a claim and whether it involves FMLA or ADA. “It is a little more of a cohesive experience,” Murray adds.

“We've just started our journey with Unum this year, but we're already expanding our relationship by adding a new benefits program that also uses the HR Connect technology,” says Murray. “So, I do see that our relationship with Unum is very strong and will continue in the future.”

“I used Unum before I came to CSI. When I came to CSI, I looked at the administrator that we were using for our FMLA, AD&D and disability products. I knew Unum could do more with the products and customer service than what we were able to do with our old provider.”

—Michelle Murray, Manager of Benefits at CSI

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