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When they understand their benefits, employees will appreciate the beauty of your plan

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At Unum, we know it can be hard for employees to know which benefits fit them best. We also know that good benefits are critical to protecting the financial stability of the employees who keep businesses thriving. That's why we invest in research that gives us crucial insight into how employees make benefits choices. So we can help them make decisions that give them confidence in their financial protection - and an appreciation for their benefits plan. That understanding drives the design of the educational materials and enrollment tools that make Unum benefits education simple and effective.

Learn more about Unum's research—and about what employees and employers need from their benefits partners.

Our recent employee education research


Our research shows human resources professionals are walking a tightrope between the need to boost engagement and control benefits costs.


Employees are looking for more than just money. Our research shows a caring environment and better benefits are top priorities for job-seekers.


There’s a clear connection between employee engagement and how well they understand their benefits.


When is choice too much of a good thing? This guide to decision-making processes offers tips on how to help employees make informed, effective benefits decisions.