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Medical billing for dentists – beyond the hype

Medical billing for dentists has become a red hot topic. Weekend workshops are filled with dentists and office managers, sold by the promise of higher reimbursement and an easy transition into medical billing. There is so much buzz that it has taken on the feel of a gold rush for dentists.

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The highs and lows of juggling motherhood and dentistry

With a thriving dental practice in Louisiana, healthy family, and volunteer missions in foreign countries, Rachel Beyer is embracing life while balancing motherhood and dentistry. She went to dental school at a time when women could have it all — a fulfilling career and a family.

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The dentist conundrum on vaping

Dentists across the country are grappling with questions about vaping. Could vaping be the missing piece that helps patients quit smoking once and for all? Is vaping really less harmful than smoking cigarettes?

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More than a network

All provider networks are the same, right? Not so fast ...

Dozens of companies offer good dental provider networks. We're here to build the best dental network in the industry. That means we have to do some things differently.

All of our competitors offer to send you patients and pay your claims fast. So do we. The difference is that we'll help you grow your practice by connecting you with fellow dentists nationwide who face the same challenges you face in today's changing marketplace.

It's all about you. From our dedicated, in-house customer service agents to our professional provider relations team, we're all focused on you. Our providers. You're our reason for being here. We will never forget that as we build a new kind of provider network: a community.

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