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Employee / claimant — with FMLA services

Demonstration of online claim filing and status capabilities for customers who have purchased telephonic claim submission and are providing a file feed. Claim filing interface will allow submission of integrated STD / leave event.

Intended audience

Employees who are covered by policies that include telephonic claim filing services.


  • Enrollment tab — Filing Evidence of Insurability information
  • Insurance Information tab — Download policy documents
  • File Claims and Leaves tab — Capabilities to file claims and review our claim process
  • Claim Status and Payments tab — Capabilities to review claim status, payment information, review correspondence and items that might be missing and needed for Unum's review


Applicable products:

  • Absence — Leave, Short and Long Term Disability

Each of the functions within the tabs and sub-tabs can be accessed using any of the three sample SSN's listed here. This demo is built in Unum's "acceptance" environment, similar to a test environment. Response times are slower than on the live customer site.

Information can be keyed and entered to demonstrate the processes. This fully replicates the actual employee experience, in that all screens need to be completed in order to proceed through the site.